Thursday, February 12, 2015

About my full name: How to write and how to call

For easy, If you want to mention me in a digial writing stuff, just type "nvcnvn" thats my prefer nickname. But if you need to write my name down or understand about the structure, here is it:

My full-formated name: Nguyễn Văn Cao Nguyên

Nguyễn [ŋuĩən] is my family name. All Vietnamese's name begin with name of the family...and maybe that our "philosophy", family come first.
Nguyễn is the most popular family name. Around 40% of Vietnamese have this family name, the 3-next-popular share 30% of total. So it a bad Idea to call a person by family name in a crowded room.

Văn is my middle name, a very popuplar middle name for male.

Cao Nguyên [ŋuiən] is my given name, note that Nguyên is different with Nguyễn, you can see a little accent on the "e" character.
Cao Nguyên in English is "highland".

The phonetic I write may incorrect, so here I speak my name:

How you call me in a conservation:

Nguyên when you're my friend, my college, my team mate.
Cao Nguyên if you afraid that some one else in the room have name like me.
Nguyễn Văn Cao Nguyên when you not happy or really want to get my attention.
Văn Cao Nguyên if you are kidding with me.
Nguyễn if you never read this article, but its ok.